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Good morning! I wrote to you briefly yesterday, now I'm writing back today.

My family and I was in your Rainbow store yesterday evening, and encountered a problem with one of the sales associate. The time was 4: 51pmand 4: 53 pm. We had 2 separate transactions. The store number is 01442, trans#288715 and 288716.

The cashier was average height, African American, wore glasses, with a short cut that had curls and purple hair streaks in her curls at the top, going through her black hair. She asked my children if they had their package to their toys. My children said no. I told them they should keep their package at all times in case the toy doesn't work properly.

She said, "Mom if they don't want to keep their packages, they shouldn't have to". I told her, I raised my children to know that keeping your receipt, is proof of purchase, and that they should keep it at all times. She said they shouldn't have to.She got upset because I told my children they should keep their packages to their toys.After this, she started doing my transaction on the register extremely slow. You could tell she was doing it intentionally.

By this time, I was extremely upset. I realized she was confrontational and that the conversation wasn't going anywhere. I couldn't talk to the manager because the sales associate told me she didn't know where she was. For my family and I to be first time consumers, this rude, unprofessional, kiddie, experience is unacceptable.

I feel like I've been robbed out of my money, because there was no respect here. Your merchandise wasn't up kept. When I asked my same cashier if they had other sizes, she just said NO out of impoliteness, without asking someone to look, and without being apologetic to her response afterwards. I had a terrible experience.

I've been in the Retail Business for 10 years. There's no way whatsoever that I'll treat a customer rudely! Without the customer, there will be no paycheck, nor an establishment. If I could've received even half of a good shopping experience at your 11282 West Florissant store, my experience would've been greater.

My relatives are upset as well. Your employees should be better trained on customer service, how to respond to their customer needs when asking for another size, and how to properly treat customers. If anyone ever asked me to rate my experience with this store, it'll be an zero!

I won't be returning! I need someone from management to call me back at 3145912851 or email me at Sincerely, Shaunda Van-Lare

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You certainly have a thin skin.

I've never read such whining over something so minor.

I'd hate to see what happens with you in a real crisis.

Get a real life ; stop hounding your children and relatives.

They will thank you for it.

And, oh yes, one gripe per incident please.

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