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Took my family to Fairlane Town Center. Went to a clothing store there called Rainbow.

When you go there they make you check any bags you have from other purchases you made at the door (they call it holding your things for you). When I was told they had my wifes bags,I was instantly insulted and ticked off. I asked for the bags back and told the sales girl I would be writing their corporate and letting them know I did not like that particular stores policy, she laughed at me..... I told her go ahead and laugh but that I would be writing corporate, she laughed again and shook her head......

Now I was just plain angry. I asked her name she would not give it(also store policy) she told me to ask the manager. I went up front to ask the manager but OH she was out and would not be back for a while. I left went home and e-mailed their corporate, that was 3 days ago have not heard back from them as of yet.

Everywhere else in that mall my family was treated with kindness and respect, but not at Rainbow.... There you are treated with suspicion and disrespect,bad store,bad employees, bad policy, bad management.....

Review about: Rainbow Shops Sales Manager.

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Put your *** in your car next time if you dont like the rules of the store.nobody make you shop there.When people dont get their way all of a sudden its bad customer service.If you feel like they treated you like a theif then maybe you are.The girl was just doing her job.She works there she doesnt own the store.So she's just following rules.Everywhere there's rules to follow.So you giving everyone in that store a bad time was not right on your end.Treat people with respect and you'll receive the same.

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