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On Feb.28,2015 I was in Rainbow with a friend shopping and I tried on a pair of pants it had two different security pins in it while trying the pants on I stepped on one of the security pins and it didn't have a back on it so it went str8 through my foot so I had to pull it out immediately blood was everywhere the store employees helped me and also realized that the pin was in the pant wrong and not secured correctly they appoligized and I asked to fill out a accident report because I am diabetic and anything going in my foot can result in me loosing my foot I was told that corporate would be contacting me of my injury as of any store you would think the corporate office would check on their customer well after two weeks past I still hadn't heard anything and in the process my foot had swollen up causing me to not be able to attend school like im supposed to and my wound had crusted over so I went to the doctor and they told me it was important I get a tetanus shot so I did and to keep the wound clean and dry until it closed up and healed in the process I still heard nothing back so I went to the store and the employees did another accident report updating it and resending my new number incase corporate tried to contact me well now it is 4-27-2015 and I still have not heard anything from them nor been reimbursed for my days I lost of school or doctors bill and shot which is very dissatisfying and bad customer service I have not even had the company send me a appoligy letter or postcard not even a phone call of if im ok or not which is really bad business because I am a loyal customer of your stores and have been shopping there for years the ladies all know me well in the store and know how loyal I am to you guys but this really has made me sad and frown upon the business and im thinking of getting a lawyer and filing a lawsuit because this could have been a lot worse and I could have lost my foot and nobody has even checked on me or tried to ask or satisfy me and make things better with me or even reimburse my pain and suffering and doctor bill visit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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You have to be kidding me. I hope the store sends you a bill for the replacement carpet they had to purchase because you're too *** to watch where you're putting your own feet.

How many ice cream companies did you sue for having too much sugar in their products after your 4 gallon/week consumption rate gave you diabetes?

to Anonymous Old Town, Maine, United States #1065194

You ***!! If they had been competent enough to put the pin in the jeans correctly, she wouldn't have stepped on the damned thing!

The same thing happened to me at Good will. They don't even use security alarms on their stuff, but there was a pin on the floor and I didn't see it and stepped on it.

Accidents happen and it was clearly not this womans fault! Someone should send you a bill for being a complete, and total ***!


Hope u feel better soon.


You stepped on the pin. That's no one else's fault.

Accidents happen and looking to sue a company because you weren't looking where you stepped is just silly. It's nonsense like this that makes America have such a bad name about frivolous lawsuits.

to Anonymous #978195

***, she/he could have lost her/his foot because of careless workers dropping pins everywhere and all you can say is:

"You stepped on the pin. That's no one else's fault.

Accidents happen and looking to sue a company because you weren't looking where you stepped is just silly.

It's nonsense like this that makes America have such a bad name about frivolous lawsuits."

Well that's not the point and that's very bad customer service. If that had happened to you you would be doing the same, and if you were diabetic also you would try to get some sort of consolation on that incident.

to Anonymous #982485

For your information the pin was put in incorrectly and with no back on it to make it safe and the employees even admitted to that so please dont come for me and its just a shame afterwards the company didnt even attempt to check up on me or see if i was ok so whatever your opinion was and still is irrelevant

to Anonymous Old Town, Maine, United States #1065201

Hi there. The same thing happened to me at Good Will, and they don't even use security tags or pins.

There was some prom dresses from Deb's in there, and I saw a few hanging in the dressing room. I was trying on some jeans and I felt something sharp go into my foot. It was a security pin. I had to pull the damned thing out myself.

It hurt like a m.f.! I told the manager what happened and they sent me to a doctor that their employees use. They told me to bring them the bill and they would reimburse me. I did that and they paid for it.

It wasn't your fault that you stepped on that pin, as it wasn't my fault for stepping on the one that I did. In your case, it was clearly the fault of the store, for not putting the pins in properly. In my case, it was the stores fault, because they did not keep the dressing room floors clean and free of debris that could hurt someone. Keeping floors clean and free o foreign matter is a standard safety procedure that all stores are required to follow, to avoid things like this from happening.

These people that are siding with the store, are obviously employees of the rainbow company or just rude people who have a complete lack of and total disregard for anyone other than themselves. Don't let them get you down, keep fighting and don't back down.

You need to be reimbursed for your expenses! They owe you!

to Anonymous #1065209

It is clearly the stores fault for not putting the damned pin in the jeans correctly! Are you freaking blind???!!!

Are you really that ***? If the pin had been put in correctly, then it wouldn't have been on the floor for her to have stepped on! And furthermore, all businesses are required to keep the floors clean and free of debris and other hazardous materials that can cause someone to get hurt! If what you're saying is true, then I guess we should all watch out for pins sticking up on the floors of dressing rooms all across the country because it's totally ok for stores just leave them there.

And I guess we should all just leave nails, pins and needles and other *** lying around the floors of our houses too, cuz we should be careful and watch where we are walking. Yeah, that makes about as much sense as someone telling you that a fish should be able to walk! Maybe I should put it more simpler terms for you. Let's say you have a child.

The child is playing with legos on the living room floor. Do you teach your child to pick up their toys when they're done playing with them, or do you just let them leave them scattered all over the floor for someone to step on?

I'm sure if that were the case and you stepped on a lego that your kid left out on the floor, you'd be punishing them for it, because it wouldn't have happened if they weren't left on the floor!

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